Brush With Adjustable Hand Strap


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Happy Cat Adult Culinary Atlantic Salmon 1.3Kg
Happy Cat Adult Culinary Atlantic Salmon 1.3Kg
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Rs 4,500.00
Regen 40g
Regen 40g
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Brush With Adjustable Hand Strap
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This pet grooming brush can effectively remove short-haired and long-haired unorganized pets for a long time, It can strengthen your pet’s skin health,The hair looks shiny。
It can remove dirt and dead hair from cats and dogs,It is suitable for any animal’s fur .

: The middle line is 13.5 cm/5.3in long and 8.7 cm/3.4in wide.
Color: pink, red, green, blue
Material: High quality rubber

Instructions for use:
1. Put four fingers together and pass through the buckle of the bath brush.
2Adjust the buckle to a suitable tightness for more comfortable use.
3. Soak the dog with water, pour the bath lotion on the bath brush, and rub it so that it can not only bathe the dog but also massage it

【High-quality material】: Soft rubber, moderate hardness, good flexibility, safety and comfort, environmental protection, no peculiar smell, long-term use will not be deformed or faded, brushing will not harm the pet’s skin, and effectively remove dirt and dead hair
【Soft silicone particles】: Easily remove floating hair on cats and dogs ,The tooth needles are round-headed and densely arranged to massage the skin deeply, enhance skin health, promote blood circulation and make pet hair more shiny
【Adjustable elastic band】: The ring-shaped handle design is comfortable to hold and control, easy to groom, safe and stable, the elastic buckle can be adjusted in size, suitable for large and small hands, easy to grasp, and easier to use
【Bright colors】: Colorful candy colors in 4 packs, to meet your different needs, light and convenient, easy to carry and store, long and short-haired dogs can be used dry or wet
【Easy to clean】: It is suitable for grooming and cleaning of all kinds of cats and dogs, and other animals. It is simple to clean and only needs to be cleaned with water and dried naturally, which is convenient for next use

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